Relapse Prevention in Del Rio, TX

Our programs for relapse prevention in Del Rio and throughout the rest of the state and country is integrated into a person's rehab program so that it is on their radar from the outset of their recovery.

If you don't know someone personally who is a recovering drug addict or alcoholic, you've probably seen many on popular TV shows or in movies. There are often references to how long a person has been sober, stated in the number of years, months, and days since they've last used or had their last drink. On the other side of the coin, when they do have a setback, they reset the clock and are back at day one of their recovery. These setbacks are referred to as relapses and they play a major role in a person's recovery, whether it's in the prevention of them or in getting back on track after them.

Relapse prevention programs can assist recovering addicts and alcoholics with developing methods to combat relapses on a regular basis as well as during crisis in order to give the individual the best possible chance of staying on track and continuing to live a clean and sober life. Addiction relapse prevention can actually begin during the very first days of a person's recovery and can be greatly assisted by specialists who work in detoxification and rehabilitation centers near you.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Addiction relapse prevention is the overall plan of attack for a recovering addict or alcoholic to stop them and incorporate the help of others in stopping them from having a setback. A relapse can occur at any time, when a person is 10 days sober or when they've been clean for 10 years. Relapse prevention programs are geared towards helping those in recovery from having a relapse in the short term as well as the long term and for them to stay successfully in recovery indefinitely.

That is the goal of everyone who works with relapse prevention in Del Rio or anywhere else: for addicts and alcoholics to remain clean and sober and lead productive and happy lives. Being in recovery can be hard work and it can be a daily struggle in particular if the individual has not been able to remove all of the stresses and situations that could be triggers for them using or drinking again from their life.

It's impossible to predict every possible occurrence that could cause someone to relapse because everyone is going to go through stressful situations in their life and stress is one of the top reasons people return to drinking and using drugs.

Why are These Tools Necessary? What do Relapse Prevention Programs Aim to Accomplish?

Relapse prevention programs help addicts and alcoholics develop plans for avoiding relapse triggers on a regular basis and developing coping mechanisms for when they enter a situation that could lead to them using drugs or drinking again. On an everyday basis, addiction relapse prevention promotes being proactive about steering clear of both high-risk situations -- like a retirement party where there will be a lot of drinking for example -- and people who are bad influences, even if they were close friends or relatives before the individual entered rehab.

On a long-term basis, relapse prevention in Del Rio and anywhere rehab centers are treating recovering addicts and alcoholics, individuals are counseled to come up with a plan -- coping mechanisms -- when they feel the urge to drink or use drugs. One of the ways to do this is called "playing the tape," and what that means is for someone in recovery to go through in their mind everything that used to happen when they would drink or use drugs.

Would they get into fights or black out or drive drunk or steal or do anything else that would negatively affect them or others. The answer they uncover is usually yes, there are a lot of negative things that happen when they drink or use drugs and reliving those circumstances can mean the difference between having a setback and not. Our program for dual diagnosis treatment in Del Rio can treat a mental disorder that comes up as a result of an addiction or vice versa.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

When you explore the relapse prevention programs available to you, you will uncover that there are many options, including sober-living homes, halfway houses, outpatient treatment programs in Del Rio, and others if you are looking for relapse prevention in Del Rio. Addiction relapse prevention can not only stop an addict from starting over from day one but it can easily save his or her life.

Relapses can lead to overdoses and should be avoided if at all possible and a good relapse prevention plan goes a long way to making that happen. Call us now for more information (830) 322-3045.

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