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When working with the family members of addicts and alcoholics, specialists at facilities for drug withdrawal treatment in Del Rio try to explain how the finer details of addiction are affecting their loved one. It can be hard for parents, siblings, and children, as well as spouses and other loved ones to hear how long a person has been using and how much they have been using when tolerance and dependency is explained. However, while going over drug withdrawal treatment programs in Del Rio, questions like what defines drug withdrawal, is drug withdrawal dangerous, what some drug withdrawal symptoms are, and why individuals should enter drug withdrawal treatment in Del Rio or one convenient to them in their local area, can all be covered.

There are two aspects of drug and alcohol addiction that are the same for every addict or alcoholic and they are the fact that everyone will experience dependency and withdrawal as part of their addiction. Dependency, which is preceded by tolerance, is the physical and mental need for someone to use drugs or drink in order for them to feel normal or conduct any sort of activity in their life.

Our drug withdrawal treatment centers work with people at every level of dependency, which typically correlates to how long they have been addicted and can definitely impact the severity of withdrawal symptoms they experience.

What is Drug Withdrawal?

Simply put, drug (or alcohol) withdrawal is what happens to someone who has a drug or alcohol dependency who stops or cuts back substantially on their drug or alcohol intake. Withdrawal symptoms can also occur when there is more time than usual between when a person uses drugs or has a drink.

Professionals at drug withdrawal treatment centers can explain that this is the time in a person's addiction where all they can think about is their next drink or their next hit. Some drugs are more notorious than others when it comes to addicts doing anything for their next hit (heroin is one), but no matter the substance, if a person's addiction is extreme enough they will go to great lengths to make sure they get their drugs or alcohol. The depth of someone's addiction is definitely something to be considered when choosing from the many drug withdrawal treatment options.

Is Drug Withdrawal Dangerous?

Drug withdrawal can certainly be dangerous and there is really no circumstance wherein a person should try and detox on their own at home. There are many options depending on the drug involved for individuals to detox in a controlled setting in coordination with drug withdrawal treatment in Del Rio.

First of all, withdrawal symptoms in and of themselves can be severe and a person can easily have a medical emergency either directly related to a withdrawal symptom (cardiovascular issues as an example) or indirectly (like falling down a flight of stairs) due to being incapacitated due to withdrawal symptoms.

Our drug withdrawal treatment centers are staffed by specialists who are trained to handle drug detox in Del Rio. Second, by being in a treatment center as opposed to at home, addicts and alcoholics are removed entirely from the environment where they drank or used drugs.

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly from one substance to the next but in general nausea, aches and pains, cravings, sleeplessness and restlessness, irritability, and the loss of appetite are all common. Addicts who are beginning recovery and going through detox as well as those who are just in between doses or drinks can experience one or many symptoms as part of their withdrawal.

Depending on the type of symptoms and severity, a rehab and detox specialist will develop a plan and choose the drug withdrawal treatment options that best fit the individual and their situation. This can include assessing their overall health as well as things more specific to their addiction.

Why Should I Go Through Drug Withdrawal at a Treatment Facility?

When you are considering how you will handle drug withdrawal treatment in Del Rio for you or a loved one it is highly recommended that detox and withdrawal treatment be done as part of an inpatient program under the supervision of trained detox and rehab professionals.

Drug withdrawal treatment centers offer patients multiple drug withdrawal treatment options including medications to alleviate the symptoms and discomfort. In addition, doctors and other medical personnel are available 24-hours a day as well as addiction specialists that can help recovering addicts and alcoholics motivated and focused on their recovery. Call us now at (830) 322-3045.

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