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Our alcohol rehab center can offer assistance well before you become addicted but have been abusing alcohol so do not hesitate to contact an alcohol rehab in Del Rio or your local area if you feel like you're not in control of your drinking and want to find out what types of programs are available to you. If you have already passed the threshold from abuse to addiction, alcohol addiction rehab is of course available as well and treatment specialists can design a plan of action for you if you are ready to commit to making a positive change in your life and getting clean and sober.

Losing a job, breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, getting divorced and becoming estranged from family and friends are all things that can result from becoming addicted to alcohol. In addition, alcohol addiction usually occurs after a long period of alcohol abuse, during which time all of these traumatic events and others, possibly even more devastating, may happen in the life of an individual struggling with drinking.

It's easy for outsiders to ask or wonder why someone drinks so much or why they can't take it easy or quit drinking altogether if they've never felt the pull of addiction themselves.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are two sides of the same coin and in the past have been covered by one term: alcoholism. They are both very dangerous in their own ways, which do overlap. Alcohol abuse, which is the predecessor in almost every case of addiction, is generally defined as the overuse or overindulgence regarding alcohol resulting in negative impacts to a person's life which they are aware of but choose to continue drinking nevertheless.

An example could be going out for happy hour every Thursday night and drinking so much that you cannot go to work the next day, resulting in discipline or more severe job-related outcomes. A person abusing alcohol realizes their drinking is causing this problem at work and continues their behavior anyway.

At this point, and perhaps even earlier, an alcohol rehab center can assist this person with their drinking problem through counseling and therapy. At this point, the person has not developed a dependency and is not addicted to alcohol, but the damage they are doing to their life is evident.

Alcohol addiction, which is hallmarked by the dependency mentioned and also includes withdrawal, may take a long time to develop but can have devastating impacts along the way. Dependency is defined by the person having to drink, generally every day, or else experience withdrawal. When a person is addicted to alcohol and most other drugs as well, they will experience withdrawal if they cease to drink or significantly reduce their alcohol intake. At this point an individual should enter our drug rehab for alcohol and drug detox in Del Rio.

Dangers of Alcohol

Almost any time a person is abusing alcohol, which can occur both before they become addicted and after, they put themselves at risk for immediate health and wellness issues and can affect people around them as well. When a person drinks too much, they can become violent, involve themselves in activities they would not do if they were sober or were drinking at what would be called a more socially acceptable level, make themselves ill, and do general harm to themselves through something as simple as falling down because they are so drunk.

Some activities a person might take part in if they are abusing alcohol are fighting, driving while intoxicated, having unprotected sex, and experimenting with other drugs. If someone you know often gets out of control in any of these ways, whether they are addicted to alcohol or not, it may be time for you to suggest they speak to someone at an alcohol rehab center or an alcohol addiction rehab facility, both of which are available for those seeking treatment or advice regarding alcohol rehab in Del Rio.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Rehab?

No one who works at an alcohol rehab center is ever going to say to you, "Are you sure you have a problem with alcohol?"

You do not have to diagnose yourself. There are plenty of specialists at an alcohol addiction rehab facility who will go over your symptoms and behaviors with you and determine where you stand and what type of treatment programs in Del Rio are necessary.

If you think you have a problem with alcohol, that you drink too much, that you feel like you need a drink every day or feel bad (physically) when you don't have a drink, contact an alcohol rehab in Del Rio or your local area and talk to a rehab professional. This could be the first step to making a very positive change in your life. Call us now at (830) 322-3045.

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